Software Robots: Buzzword or Revolutionary New Technology?

Look around any office, and you’ll see people whose main work is dealing with systems and information. People organize information, fix it, and share it. They ensure that systems are up-to-date so that the right things happen. Whether it’s product information, contracts, claims, pricing, or tracking employee vacation days, a modern office is full of this kind of activity.

Software Robots (RPA) can replace these tasks. RPA promises to automate much of the ordinary work that many do for a living. Forrester, a respected technology research company, estimates that by 2021, 4,000,000 robots will be doing office, administrative and sales-related tasks!

We’ve created a CEO briefing to help you navigate RPAs and see if they are best for your business. We discuss:

What is RPA?

Is RPA really new?

Is RPA part of the AI revolution?

Where is RPA really working? What are the benefits?

How effective is RPA really?

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