Demystifying AI: A Guide for Mid-Market CEOs

There is suddenly a lot of urgency around artificial intelligence and what it will mean for the future of business. At the same time, we’re not seeing much about what it is in straightforward terms, or what it can do for mid-market businesses. With that in mind, we prepared this brief introduction to AI and how a mid-market CEO can take advantage of it right now.

What’s in the Guide:

  • Clear definitions of terms like AI, ML, and RPA
  • Practical applications of AI in mid-market businesses
  • How to make it part of the everyday


Freeman Clarke CIOs and CTOs are already expert at formulating a digital strategy that includes AI and delivering it on time and budget. And our fractional model means that their expertise is affordable.

If you have any questions about AI or related tools, or would simply like to discuss how to better use IT and technology in your mid-market business, get in touch. We’re always up for a no-strings, no-pressure conversation.

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