Some examples of our thought-leadership

We publish lots of popular content about challenges and ambitions relevant to mid-market businesses. All our content is aimed at the CEO and exec-team and this helps clients understand that we operate at a strategic level rather than fixing servers!

We email our newsletters to thousands of CEOs in the NYC area driving them to this content – it’s a very effective way to establish our brand and to start a conversation.

Here is a video about how we develop our UK team, it’s also a way for you to understand the scale of our business. We will be setting up similar conferences in the US once the team is more established.

More recently we ran an event at The Norwood Club in New York – we have 3 great panelist interviews you can watch here where we discuss how technology is fuelling business growth.

Take a look at the following link: that is our expert knowledge center documents illustrating our wide range of experience and knowledge delivering business focused IT strategy.

Here is another collection of content, this time about Robotic Process Automation. Again, establishes us as thought-leaders even if many of our clients’ needs are more mundane!

There is plenty of content on our website Feel free to take a look or sign up for our regular newsletters.