Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the timeline for the recruitment?

January & February: Talking to interested people, assessing and video interviewing

Week March 2nd: Face to face interviews and 2nd interviews in NYC (location TBA)

April 6th – 17th: Sign contracts, finalise other details

Week May 18th: Induction & training in NYC (location TBA)

Week June 8th: US Conference in NYC (location TBA)

You must be fully available for the interviews, 2nd interviews and induction/training.

How does the commercial model work?

We have a very straight forward and transparent model.  The fairness of this model is really important to us.

  • Principal 60%
  • RD 10%
  • USA Country leader 10% (not yet appointed)
  • Central team (talent, marketing and finance) 10%
  • Profit 10%

We’re not a high or low profit business, we’re always a 10% profit business! So for any business in your region you will always get 10% of the revenue, we never compromise or restrict this.

What’s it like being an RD?

Our Regional Directors form a close knit, supportive group. The founders work closely with them and the central team are always in support, driving marketing and recruitment. RDs are often meeting, sharing ideas and exchanging leads and other connections.

The RDs main function is to find leads and win clients. Networking and partnerships are critical. RDs have the privilege of meeting lots of business leaders and other professionals – you’ve got to want to spend your time doing this. Your aim is to become a well-known local business leader and part of your local mid-market “business fabric”.

RDs also lead and support their team of Principals. This means giving them guidance, connecting them with suppliers and experts and coaching them to retain their clients. Our Principals join because they want to do a great job for their client and they want to be part of our team – it’s an important part of your role to facilitate the team spirit.

Our Founders are frequently in the US providing support as well. We’re all in this together.

What is my earning potential?

Our top earning RDs in the UK bill around $350k annually for themselves.

Being realistic, your first year’s income may be very low, but by the end of year 2 you should be earning $15k per month with approximately 15 active clients. This is recurring income – our clients generally last for 3+ years, so once you’ve build up your revenue stream, it’s a very stable source of income for you.

You need to be in a position of financial stability to get through the growth phase.

Can I take some clients of my own?

The more time you spend on clients the less you have to build your team and business up. Some RDs do take a client to give them some income faster. We’re flexible about this, but would strongly discourage an RD from taking more than 1 client.

How many hours will I typically work?

You get out what you put in and we’d like to support you to commit all of your time to this.

However,  some of our RDs have positions with non-profits or other personal ties and we’re flexible about this.

To make this work you really need to commit at least 3+ days per week. Ideally we’re looking for people able to work full-time or nearly full-time. But it’s a role for people who value flexibility in their lives and control of their time.

Will I receive any salary, benefits (eg Medical Insurance) or expenses?

We can’t provide salary or benefits but as a gesture we provide $500 per month to help with your expenses for the first 6 months.

Do I need to form a consulting company?

RDs will generally form their own consulting entity and get paid as a 1099 contractor.  This entity will be able to write off business expenses, hold professional insurance, and otherwise protect you from personal exposure.  If you are coming from the enterprise world and have no experience with this, please chat with your tax advisor.

How big/what is my region?

We will allocate regions through the recruitment process. It’s vital that we give RDs regions that are easy and accessible to them so they can network effectively – the aim is for you to become a well-known and respected local business leader.

We have mapped the mid-market businesses in the Greater New York region and will split this by geographic boundary according to where RDs live.

Do I have a marketing budget/event fund?

We fund a very expansive central marketing function which drives about a third of our business. This consists of outbound emails, business focused content, newsletters, LinkedIn campaigns and online advertising. In addition we run events using a number of formats and we have a growing plan for this in New York. All of this is funded centrally and not billed back to the RDs.

What support can I expect in the US as you are UK based?

We are fully committed to our US launch and the founders and central team (marketing, talent and finance) are directly engaged. The founders will be in frequent contact with our RDs and visiting on a very regular basis.

In due course we expect to appoint someone locally to lead the US business, and we expect to appoint members of the central team who are based in NYC as well.

If you have any more questions please do contact me at