Our Experts on Mid-Market AI: Apocalypse or Opportunity?

In this informative webinar, our IT experts explain how CEOs can cut through the AI hype and get down to business. Find out how our practical visionaries are already helping mid-market companies exploit this powerful new technology to get ahead of their competition.

00:29 AI: apocalypse or opportunity? Speed round from our experts.
01:10 Exciting examples from the world of AI.
05:45 Why is AI so hot right now?
09:13 “If I’m a mid-market CEO, where does AI fit in my business? Where should I place my bets?”
10:33 “What’s the cost? Do I see this as a trial or an investment?”
16:21 Examples of AI already making a real difference
24:40 AI and compliance, security, and legal risks
54:19 How to get started

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