Get Real! Big vs. Small in the Age of technology Disruption and Innovation

Challengers versus incumbents, big versus small—recent years have seen the emergence of countless challenger businesses rising up across a number of sectors, all of them armed with the newest developments in technology, bearing promises of innovation and change, but with no certainty they’ll last through the year. Sentiments are strong on both ends—incumbents have lost touch with what customers really want! Newcomers don’t have the means or experience to make things happen! Everyone’s promising to shake things up but who will actually deliver and see the long-term results?

You know us by now as the technology trio—Freeman Clarke, Manifesto Growth and Northern Star: strategy, expertise, and infrastructure. And you know we’ve never been the ones to shy away from a debate. This recent event was no different. We pitted leaders from challenger and incumbent businesses from across different sectors against each other, giving them a chance to stake their claims.

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