Software robots, revolutionary new technology automating admin tasks?

Look around an office and you will see plenty of people whose main work is dealing with systems and information. Data, requests and instructions comes in from emails and other sources, and go out similar ways. People handle information, organise it, fix it, share it, and ensure that different systems are up to date so that the right things happen. Whether this is product information, contracts, claims, pricing, or just tracking holidays, new employees… a modern office is full of this kind of activity.

Software Robots (RPA) can replace these systems-based tasks, promising to automate much of the ordinary work that many office workers do for a living.

This CEO’s briefing explains:

What is RPA?

Is RPA really new?

Is RPA part of the AI revolution?

Where is RPA really working? What are the benefits?

How effective is RPA really?

Over the coming weeks we are creating a series of content pieces about RPA’s. All of which can be found on our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Knowledge Centre.