When IT ‘Just Works’ incredible things happen!

When IT runs smoothly conversations become about things that matter — things that make a real difference to your business. Your team can start to ask, How can IT help us operate more efficiently? How can IT improve our customer retention? How can IT increase our sales? How can IT help us do more online?

A means to the end

Do you see your management team spending time on meetings about anitvirus software, phone replacements, license renewals and software versions? Nobody wants to waste time or money on IT, but we need technology to get our business to where we want it to be. It’s a means to the end.

Making technology work for your business

IT staff and suppliers need four things to get IT working for your business.

1. A clear IT vision and roadmap.
A clear vision and roadmap means people are working on the right things. Budgets and plans can be set and agreed easily, enthusiasm builds as everyone knows what they’re doing any why. Success creates further momentum.

2. The skills to get the technology right.
Despite the importance of IT, anyone can claim to be an expert. Over-promising and under-delivering is almost normal in IT. Everyone involved in IT infrastructure, line of business systems and digital need the basic IT skills to do their job well.

3. The tools to work efficiently.
Even the best people can’t be successful if they don’t have the tools and equipment, whether it’s hardware or software. Often the reason they don’t is because they haven’t been able to properly explain to decision-makers what they want and why it will make a difference. See point 1 about a clear vision and roadmap!

4. The attitude to make a difference and to learn from mistakes.
IT is complicated and things go wrong, even the most hardened business leaders understand that. But people need the attitude to understand and learn from mistakes otherwise they are doomed to repeat them! IT people need to understand what the business is really all about and what matters to its customers. The entire IT team need to be committed to finding ways to say ‘yes’.

Find out more

We frequently meet businesses wasting time on technology (the means) and failing to get the business benefit (the end). But if you address the 4 fundamentals then you can stop worrying and begin the conversations that matter. Conversations that will help your business thrive.

If you’d like to talk to us about the four fundamentals then please get in touch.