Top 10 Cybersecurity Questions to Ask Your IT Team or Supplier

It’s getting tougher to ensure cybersecurity. The average mid-market business has a plethora of devices and suppliers, with ownership of various services spread among several people—each with their own credit cards and logins.

Your job as CEO is to ensure that all these services and people are as secure as possible. You can’t automatically assume your IT team or suppliers are on top of it. You need to ensure they are by asking the top 10 cybersecurity questions.

Their answers—or non-answers—will also get you started on a reasonable, affordable, and workable security strategy for your business. Work through the list, and you’ll know:

  • How to have a clear cybersecurity strategy
  • The basic security measures every CEO should take
  • What certifications your business may need
  • What to do in case of a cyberattack
  • How at attain the necessary physical security

Cybersecurity is a complicated and fast-moving area, and a major breach can sink a business. Even in less dire situations, a security issue can eat up management’s time and render operations impossible for a protracted period. The legal impact and reputational damage can be lasting and significant. And yet the vast majority of cyberattacks can be thwarted by relatively simple steps.

For CEOs, the question is whether your team and suppliers have the ability and experience to put these basic measures in place. Ask them the top 10 cybersecurity questions and find out.

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