Technology Roadmap for Growth – A CEOs Briefing

If you’re planning for significant growth, or better yet, your business is already seeing it, you need IT to match.

Freeman Clarke Principals provide clear leadership with a business-focused roadmap for IT and digital. We’ve found it’s the best way for our clients to drive and support growth, without getting way ahead, or falling behind.

A Roadmap Avoids Chaos

Growing businesses need to reconsider their IT infrastructure, business systems, and digital plans. Many businesses are additionally investing in apps, online initiatives, and artificial intelligence. Without a roadmap, all this new technology can lead to stress and chaos. Or there may be the opposite effect — without a clear plan there’s no investment in new technology or even a kind of IT paralysis. The easiest way to avoid so many potential problems is when an experienced senior IT professional creates a roadmap.

An IT Strategy That Supports Your Business Strategy

Our Principal create an IT roadmap to support a long-term business strategy. So now the leaders of the company understand where the business is headed and how IT will complement and enhance their plans.

We have the experience and authority to understand the issues involved with business, people, and technology.

Delivering a Comprehensive Vision

The roadmaps covers all aspects of IT including infrastructure, business systems, and digital plans. These may be simple improvements. Or they may be larger projects like custom software or complete replacement of back-office business systems.

Whatever your company’s particular IT needs, all aspects of the roadmap need to recognize your company’s unique processes, organization, and people issues, as well as its technology. Often clients rely on our Principal to clarify and restructure their ways if working to save money or improve customer service.

A clear roadmap ensures that senior management understands the vision and that the consensus feeds into budgets and plans across the business. Of course our Principal takes responsibility for the roadmap and its budget, ensuring, just like any member of the senior team, that all aspects are properly managed through to completion.

Roadmaps are the start of the story. But our Principals make the real difference by delivering them and being accountable for the outcomes.

Download the full CEO’s Briefing above which explains:

  • how the absence of an IT Roadmap affects businesses and their ability to grow and prosper
  • how to turn business objectives into IT objectives to ensure that the IT Roadmap focusses on things that add value and make a real difference
  • the best way to make a flexible and practical IT Roadmap for all aspects of IT, including people and processes as well as just technology
  • how the Board needs to be involved, to lead the activity to ensure the IT Roadmap remains relevant and up to date.


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Watch this video where Graeme Freeman (Co-founder and Director) explains what a technology Roadmap looks like, the benefits and how to start planning yours. or, visit our Knowledge Center which includes all content related to this topic.

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