4 Useful AI Tips for CEOs and the Board

AI is a potentially transformative technology, offering unprecedented opportunities for innovation, efficiency, and growth. But many chief executives still have questions or concerns. We asked one of our own experts what CEOs should keep in mind when looking to implement AI.

1. Relevance.

Don’t assume AI isn’t relevant to your business. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are or what sector you’re in—AI can make a difference.

2. Education.

Find someone who can speak to you about AI in plain English. You need a clear understanding of its capabilities and costs. It shouldn’t be a conversation with a lot of tech jargon.

3. Business need.

Think of AI in business terms. What problems can it solve? Focus on practical, real-world applications that save time and money.

4. Alignment.

Every AI initiative must align with your business strategy. There’s no point in any new technology if it doesn’t help your company achieve its business objectives and goals.

AI is going to change a lot about how we do business. But it doesn’t have to be rocket science. We’ve found that making decisions about AI get much simpler when CEOs keep these four points in mind. And for more no-nonsense AI advice, see our video on Real-World AI for Mid-Market CEOs.

The Best Way to Start your AI Journey

Every mid-market business leader must be tuned into AI now.


Our AI Maturity Assessment is a three-stage process that provides a clear picture of your AI readiness and the steps you need to take to take full advantage of this powerful new technology.

Best of all, it’s flexible: we can provide a useful outline or a thorough deep dive. You’ll find out:

  • Where are you now in terms of AI readiness
  • How to create a clear AI roadmap aligned with your business goals
  • How to ensure your action plans have measurable ROI

Our assessment adapts to your needs, ensuring a customized approach aligned with your unique business objectives.

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