Digital Transformation – 10 Ways to Begin your Journey

Ambitious business owners strive to improve the way their organization functions. Digital transformation is just one way. It enables a business to function more efficiently in the long-term with greater cost savings. But to see any of these transformations occur, you need a solid IT strategy that supports the overall business strategy—and an experienced technical leader to help you get there.

So what exactly is Digital Transformation?

For our clients, Digital Transformation simply means using IT to deliver dramatic improvement. That’s different to just an upgrade or fixing some niggling problems. It means: using IT to make a significant change for the better.

That may just mean simple IT done well – that’s surprisingly rare! Or it may mean genuine technology innovation, something that is breaking new (or new’ish) ground.

We simplify this issue by defining 4 different kinds of transformation:

1. Market breakthrough
2. Wow customers
3. Internal redesign
4. Tame the risks

For an explanation about the 4 types, read our original post.


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