Technology fire triangle – Part 1: Integration

Our aim is for IT to actively contribute to our clients’ strategic success rather than being a drag and a problem. We coined the phrase the ‘Technology Fire Triangle’ to simplify how to make this happen. Let’s be honest, many suppliers and experts deliberately try to complicate IT so we are trying to find ways to make it simpler!

This 3-part briefing aims to simplify this picture and to explain how getting IT right rests on 3 fundamental things: integration, data integrity, security and compliance. In our experience, businesses that get these things right, are able to use IT to drive their growth. Whether your aim is to use ecommerce, artificial intelligence, or just to get the basics working well, the Fire Triangle is the starting point.

Part 1 deals with Systems Integration which you can download below. Parts 2 and 3 will follow and look at Data and Compliance and Risk Management. To read Part 2 follow this link.

Part 2 looks at Data which can be downloaded here and Part 3 deals with Systems Integration which you can download here.