What questions or concerns do you have about the future of office space, remote work and employee engagement?


Interact and learn best practices from your peers.

Hear from our experts on the workplace, digital business and employee engagement and contribute your own thoughts on the future of work.



Richard Sexton – Office Concierge

Richard Sexton, MBE, is the Founder and CEO of Office Concierge, a commercial real estate advisory firm. Richard helps companies review their workspace needs and navigate the spectrum of solutions, from flexible to traditional, to ensure companies align the right blend of office space with their WFH policies.

Rachel Druckenmiller – Unmuted

Rachel Druckenmiller is on a mission to humanize the workplace by guiding leaders and their teams to be more resilient, connected and courageous. Through experiential and interactive keynotes, workshops and leadership training – virtually and in person – Rachel activates what’s best in people and organizations.

Craig Teahen – Freeman Clarke

Craig Teahen is the Freeman Clarke Director for Manhattan. Freeman Clarke is the largest and most experienced team of fractional CIOs and CTOs. Expert IT leaders who can join organizations to oversee digital innovation, systems and infrastructure to drive business growth.


Who should attend?

Owners, CEOs, CFOs, Leaders and key decision makers for mid-market businesses


Topics being covered

The new office: What becomes of the physical office?

  • Concerns about and modifications to existing office space
  • What trends are we seeing?
  • Greater choice of office solutions, including pros and cons

Remote work and digital transformation: New trends or just accelerating existing ones?

  • How to keep your mobile, WFH workforce happy, productive and secure.
  • Digital transformation is more critical than ever – it’s the only way to be competitive in today’s marketplace.
  • You can’t be digital on the outside unless you’re digital on the inside.  Transformation is about more than WFH and customer-facing apps – truly integrating all your business systems is a critical success factor for the modern enterprise.

Engage your workforce: How can you foster greater connection and support in a more distanced world?

  • Trends in what employees need and want from work
  • Key traits employees need from leaders in times of crisis
  • Sharing of best practices around employee engagement



9:00 am Start and introduction

9:20 am Richard Sexton – Office Concierge

9:30 am Craig Teahen – Freeman Clarke

9:40 am Rachel Druckenmiller – Unmuted

9:55 am Q & A




The global pandemic has made us all rethink the role of the office.

While work-from-home (WFH) has proved productive for many it has its limitations. The office remains a place for face-to-face collaboration and innovation; a place to mentor young recruits, socialize and define a culture. This in turn attracts and retains talent, directly affecting productivity and profitability.

We are here to help you review your workspace needs and navigate the spectrum of solutions, from flexible to traditional, to ensure you align the right blend of WFH and office space to your business.

Our elevated approach brings clarity to the confusing world of real estate, simplifying the process so you can focus on your business.


Energize, engage and equip your team, your leaders and your organization to be more resilient and connected.

Imagine a future where all of this is possible…

  • You advocate for yourself and what you need.
  • You feel connected to your team and your loved ones.
  • You communicate effectively, even in a virtual environment.
  • You respond to stress and uncertainty with confidence and mindfulness.
  • You feel alive and energized because you prioritize your health and wellbeing.
  • You show up with courage and compassion when adversity hits.

I can help you get there.

Freeman Clarke is the UK largest and most experienced team of fractional IT directors. We are more than interims, consultants or freelancers. We are impartial IT directors, CIOs and CTOs who can become a part-time, long-term member of your senior team at a fraction of the cost of a full-timer. We create, support and deliver technology strategies that accelerate your business growth. One of our Board-level IT experts can join your senior team to oversee digital innovation, systems and infrastructure. This produces results.

Companies often approach us because it’s not clear how to connect their systems & digital strategy to their business objectives.

IT should be part of your company’s growth engine. Your IT team and suppliers should help drive efficiency, service, and innovation.

Private Equity (PE) ownership of mid-market companies is increasing. Of course, PE houses are driven by valuations, and these days IT and technology is at the heart of business value.

Some clients approach us because IT worries are keeping them awake at night. They’re concerned about increasing cyberthreats, security risks, regulatory issues, and compliance problems. Rightfully so: we meet clients whose businesses have literally been brought to a standstill by online attacks.

Ambitious businesses need efficient and scalable systems and processes. This allows a business to grow and flourish whilst continuing to provide good service, to maintain high margins, and generate cash.

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