Why Are CEOs Often Hacking Victims?

Our latest video presents a cautionary cybersecurity tale for mid-market business leaders.

We usually imagine a hacking victim as someone careless or naïve or perhaps an older person uncomfortable with technology.

But it’s not unusual for some of the smartest, most capable people we know to fall prey to cybercrime—that is, mid-market CEOs.

The video explains how this happened to one CEO—and how we helped them dig out of it.

Our experts also discuss:

  • Why some CEOs resist basic security measures.
  • How hackers gain access to business accounts.
  • The broader implications for a business.

We’re not suggesting CEOs don’t know what they’re doing. What we’re suggesting is that security is a leadership issue. A business is safer when its leaders get involved.

Let’s Talk About Your Cybersecurity

Why are CEOs so often the victims of hackers?

The US is the most targeted country in the world for cyberattacks.

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Cybercrime is a global, multi-billion dollar industry. But the vast majority of cyberattacks can be thwarted with simple steps. Our experts can help you get started. 

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