Artificial Intelligence Can Bolster Your Cybersecurity

AI and Cybersecurity used to be separate boardroom issues. But as tech vendors and pundits warn that AI will increase cyber threats, it seems they’re now combined. For mid-market CEOs, this is an unwelcome escalation of what is, already, an intense concern. 

Certainly the stakes are high. Cybercrime is now the main focus for organized crime groups. And, as hacking tools become increasingly available off the shelf, the threat expands from organized criminal enterprises to disorganized tech-savvy juvenile delinquents as well. 

The cat and mouse game between attackers and defenders will accelerate. But the good news, for now, is that AI is enabling defense over attack. Here’s how: 

Detecting vulnerabilities and threats.

Even small businesses have users and devices, systems, cloud services, and huge numbers of incoming emails and messages. Traditional monitoring of vulnerabilities is extremely time consuming, and traditional threat monitoring relies on spotting well-known threat signatures. AI monitoring and tools offer the ability to continuously scan for anomalies far more effectively and cheaply than before.

Speed is crucial in cybersecurity

But most cyberattacks happen out of hours, particularly during public holidays. And the longer a threat goes undiscovered, the more damage it inflicts, as hackers move deeper into your infrastructure and from one system to the next. AI-powered systems can quickly flag issues to experts, while automating responses, isolating affected systems, and blocking access. 

Better incident analysis

Post-incident analysis is vital for understanding the extent of an attack, for planning restoration, and for improving defenses. Traditional approaches are very manual and require teams of experts to sift through complex data. AI can help in quickly analyzing how an attack occurred and what has been compromised. 

The arms race will accelerate, and AI will enable hackers to mount more sophisticated attacks in the future. Phishing emails, for instance, will become increasingly difficult to distinguish from the real thing. A voice message confirmation might just be an AI. And, of course, when hackers find vulnerabilities, they will use AI to scale up and intensify their attacks far more quickly. 

Businesses need a seasoned C-suite expert to provide leadership and oversight. Freeman Clarke is the largest and most experienced team of CIOs, CTOs, and CISOs, and we’re skilled at preventing cyberattacks before they happen. 

If you’re concerned about the security of your business—or you just have questions about the nexus of cybersecurity and AI—get in touch. We’re always ready for a no-strings, no-pressure chat. 


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