Mid-Market AI Update

It seems the AI hype bubble is deflating. Every newspaper and magazine that was overselling the promise of AI six months ago is now discussing the limitations of the technology. Meanwhile, we’re still doing what we always have—helping our mid-market clients use AI to improve their business. (See this video for specific ways AI is saving our clients save time and money.)  

We use AI with our clients to generate content ideas, translate reams of documents, draft business proposals and update piles of contracts, improve ordering and scheduling…all in record time. But if you’re running a mid-market business, there are a few things to keep in mind as you move forward. 

Embrace AI…and let everybody see you do it.  

AI is going to be part of your company’s future, and it’s critical to create a culture of positivity and excitement, rather than allow your leaders to put their heads in the sand. If your people use ChatGPT to avoid a mundane task, or to draft a difficult email, congratulate them! Create groups to discuss AI and where there maybe opportunities; encourage some blue-sky thinking; be positive about the ability of AI to enhance your people rather than replace them. 

Get the data right. 

Whether your AI plans are shovel-ready or not yet started, clean and well-organized data is a critical building block. Invest the time and resources in data cleaning and organization and you’ll be pointing in the right direction—you’ll be streamlining your business and improving your reporting at the same time. 

Have a clear policy. 

Legal and safe use of AI starts with a company-wide policy, so everyone is on the same page. When you provide employees with clear guidelines and expectations, you can mitigate the risks associated with AI and instil trust among customers and partners. You can find our template here. 

Consider AI extensions to existing products. 

Many tools and systems your people already use will soon have, or may already have, AI extensions. Ensure your system owners and leaders are talking to your existing vendors about their AI features and plans. Engage with new opportunities that might already be on your doorstep.  

Think bigger. 

Many of the examples where we have used AI at our clients have not only sped up existing activities but have also enabled activities that were previously considered impossible or impractical. Furthermore, this transformative technology continues to open new opportunities and drive innovation across various sectors. Imagine you had 100 interns. Imagine you had an entire department where you currently have one person. Think bigger. 

AI is actually many technologies, not just ChatGPT. And the hype machine will follow its usual cycles. But it is real, and it does present powerful opportunities for companies that use it effectively.  

If you have questions about AI, we’re offering an AI maturity assessment—a flexible, customized approach to providing a clear picture of your AI readiness and the steps you need to take to take full advantage of this powerful new technology. 

AI Maturity Assessment