Solving Cybersecurity Risks in 2024: Six Steps to a Safer Business

More than 343 million people around the world were victims of cybercrime in 2023, with trillions in estimated losses. And an increasing share of those losses are coming from businesses in the mid-market. Solving cybersecurity risks is crucial.

Cybercrime can be a particular stress for a mid-market business, because they don’t have the resources of a larger company. We often hear from mid-market CEOs who live in fear of a cyberattack, but they’re unsure if they’re doing everything they can to keep their business safe. Or worse, we hear from CEOs who have suffered a cyberattack, and they’re unsure how to recover and stop the next one.

It’s true that cybercrime is on the rise. But it’s also true that the vast majority of cyberattacks can be thwarted before they start. Our new report explains how.



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