Shannon Roy

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Experience & expertise

His most recent senior full-time roles, CIO/CTO at Creata and CRO/President at Thinaire, were focused on automated supply chain management, experiential retail, IoT, and delivering well-targeted marketing collateral to the customer’s customer – fully compliant with the most stringent privacy regimes – without the need for apps, pop-ups, or signups.

Background & approach

At home both deep in the tech stack and facing the (internal or external) customer, Shannon has often been thrown organisations’ thorniest challenges, and knows that the best technology deployments will fail if the commensurate changes in processes, people, and culture aren’t equally expertly executed.

Shannon has been guiding small and medium size tech teams to success since 1989, along the way accruing multiple exits in software, e-commerce, light manufacturing, pharma, and entertainment. He has a track record of finding new uses for existing systems, often creating new business units for his employers in the process.

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