Mark Willis

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Experience & expertise

Mark has over 25 years’ experience across several industries and verticals, including telecoms; health; oil/gas; insurance; and Not for Profit. Mark is passionate about the opportunities new technology presents, and embraces it to challenge traditional practices in how we work and collaborate.

Background & approach

In 1994, he designed and developed an application for a Psion palmtop computer relating to secure access to patient medical records by on-call doctors working in the NHS. This project ignited his passion for using Information Technology to solve real world problems. He is also proud of his contributions throughout his career supporting and empowering non-profit organisations through using technology for good causes.

Mark focusses on delivering a standardised digital culture across the organisation that addresses recognised business challenges. He has worked with many large global organisations on both strategic and technical initiatives, as well as SMEs and non-profit organisations in remote parts of the world. This has given Mark broad experience at different levels to supply business-aligned digital strategies that deliver security, value, and growth.

Our team of technology leaders

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