Board action plan: IT roadmap for growth

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Companies planning growth need to have a plan for how their IT can support and drive this growth. An IT Roadmap allows them to scale-up confidently, whilst maintaining or improving their margins and customer service. Whether you’re identifying problems such as poor reporting; inefficient processes; lack of standardisation or fragmented data to name a few, there are ways to address these and get back on a positive path.

Our CEO’s action plan aims to provide a stepped approach that starts with the business objectives; identifies the programme of work and ensures you include everything such as processes and the technology you use. The plan encourages you to identify and remove the operational pains that are having large impacts. An IT roadmap may also encompass ideas around bespoke software, big data and even Artificial Intelligence, all of which can make a real difference. Staying flexible and ensuring you are always delivering on the IT objectives is critical as well as making sure you are clear on who owns the IT roadmap as it’s their role to make sure it stays alive and is constantly under review to optimise its success.

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