What Does a Fractional CTO Really Do for a Mid-Market Business? Plus 5 Tips to Make It Work

The use of fractional Board-execs in mid-market businesses is growing. More companies see and hear stories of successful engagements, more talented execs looking for a change start to think of the fractional model as normal…this creates a virtuous circle.

There have been fractional execs for decades, typically Finance Directors, and this way of working has gradually spread across the disciplines: marketing, HR, legal and finally IT.

Freeman Clarke are the largest team of fractional CIOs, CTOs and IT Directors – this is our business.

What’s the difference between ‘fractional’ and ‘interim’?

Interims typically work full-time for a client for a limited period on a specific project. They are retained to deliver a technical result; they are ‘hired guns’ who inevitably remain outsiders.

Fractional Board-level execs really engage and connect with the company and the team. They are there to deliver a business outcome, they will put in the effort necessary to do this, and they are committed to the long-term success of the business.

5 Tips for a successful fractional CTO engagement

  1. Check your fractional CTO has real Board-level experience, first class business skills and deep technical expertise.
  2. Choose a fractional leader who fits with you and your Board; they need to feel relevant and “get it” immediately.
  3. Treat your fractional CTO as part of the leadership team. Open up, include them in difficult and confidential discussions. A fractional leader can’t be relevant if you don’t give them the permission and knowledge.
  4. Demand short-term wins but keep a laser-focus on the long-term business objectives. Insist on a clear strategy, as well as real, visible progress every month.
  5. Take the opportunity… a fractional CTO can create new starting points, offer new visions, save money, and potentially transform your business. Of course you want today’s problems fixed, but keep an open mind to the bigger picture as well.

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