Cyber, legal, compliance … How a CEO can sleep soundly

It is not an exaggeration to say that most days we meet companies who have been hacked, their reputations damaged, and money lost. Successful websites can be juicy targets; ransom-ware can bring a company to a standstill.

Many companies have demanding standards and huge contractual penalties imposed on them by their customers. And the law is tighter than ever, with big fines making headline news.

The threat of cyber makes many CEO’s of mid-market companies feel exposed and uncertain. These are complex issues, your time is short, and finding a simple commercial and strategic approach can feel difficult.

But there are simple strategic steps and this document describes the basic projects to make your business secure and compliant.

You might also find 13 key steps to cyber security for non-technical Board members relevant/interesting too. Here is a short video about cyber security & compliance strategy for non-technical Board members.

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