Transform your business and increase revenue using custom software

About a quarter of our clients are ambitious mid-market companies who want our help to manage and drive custom software development either for internal systems or for ecommerce and revenue-generating phone apps or web apps. Sometimes they are struggling to get started, sometimes they are well underway but having all kinds of problems. Technical, commercial, people problems that can be very time consuming and energy sapping.

Custom software done well can be worth a huge amount of money and can significantly transform the value of a business. If it were easy then everyone would do it. That’s the fact! But why is it hard and how do you get it right…?

This short video explains why businesses should look to implement custom software projects to increase revenue and competitive edge.

Over the coming weeks we are creating a series of content pieces about CTOs, their role, how to find and recruit  them and the invaluable benefits they provide to a business. All of which can be found on our CTO Knowledge Centre page here.