CEO’s briefing on IT risks, compliance and security

No doubt you worry about growing your business and being successful, but as the business grows and becomes successful, protecting it against risks becomes a new source of worry!

New concerns range from compliance with Data Protection regulations, ensuring the business will survive a climatic event, or fall victim of a cyber attack that destroys all your data.

This document covers compliance, data management and data protection including DPA (Data Protection Act), GDPR, ICO, PCI (credit, debit and payment cards), FCA and related topics. It explains practical cyber security protection measures to prevent attacks, viruses, hacking, data theft, data leaks, cyber insurance, cyber crime, ransomware, phishing. It also makes reference to backups, system failure, risk management, risk registers, risk and issues logs. It makes particular reference to SME and mid-market companies and specific sectors like life sciences, pharma, defence, builds and construction, legal and accounting, transport, supply. It provides independent advice on anti-virus, patching, IT security experts and IT suppliers, and firewalls. The document covers passwords, audits, audit trails, cyber insurance, security accreditation like Cyber Essentials Plus, and how to get started.

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