CEO’s Action Plan: GDPR – One Year to Prepare!

There is now just one year until the new GDPR becomes law. The new rules are very different, and there is every indication both the UK and European authorities (regardless of Brexit) will be taking this extremely seriously. So we are too.

We are still meeting companies that have done nothing so far, and time is now getting short. But if you get GDPR on your Board agenda now, then there is still time to make the necessary technical and process changes to be compliant.

We have produced a simple slide deck to explain the new regulations and a starting point template for your Action Plan. Below are some samples from this deck.

To download the full slide deck click on the button below. The full deck explains the following:

  1. What is GDPR and common terminology being used
  2. How will it affect my business
  3. Action plan to start now

To download the full slide deck click on the button below:

Click on the button below to download the full slide deck to prepare yourself for GDPR or you can read our further blog post here. If you require any assistance, please get in touch.

We are currently helping many businesses implement a GDPR plan so they are prepared and compliant by May 2018.


If you would like to discuss how GDPR could affect your business and a practical approach to making sure you’re compliant, contact us for a no-strings conversation.