GRS Roadstone Group

GRS Roadstone Group is a leading supply-chain partner for sourcing, production, transportation and processing of construction aggregates and waste materials. Offering a unique proposition in the industry, they deliver a broad portfolio of services to construction industry clients underpinned by the highest levels of customer service.

Having grown rapidly over a number of years, management realized that its existing IT infrastructure and software solutions were being overtaken by evolving business needs and customer demands. Secure and reliable information technology was recognized as key to achieving customer service goals and to the efficient running of a rapidly growing, complex, high volume business. GRS needed a well-defined IT strategy against which to align its technology investments.

CFO Martin Reid commented:

“We appointed Steve Bellfield as our Group IT Director in order to develop a strategy and ensure that our investments in IT would be focused and coordinated within an overall roadmap. With that strategy firmly in place, targeted investments have been made and the business now benefits from state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern, scalable commercial systems that can keep pace with company’s ambitious growth plans. The roadmap we have developed enables us to plan our future IT investments safe in the knowledge that we are future-proof and getting the most from our hard-earned cash.”

Martin continued:

“Having an experienced IT Director on board, with previous experience in the sector, has given management the confidence to make significant investments in systems that have put GRS at the leading edge within the construction industry. We are confident that the platform we have built can accommodate our growth plans and the ever-changing demands of our customers.”

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